Greetings to all of my friends and followers of my music for nearly 40 years.

I want to personally announce the release of the CD that I have been planning for over a decade; it’s called “Creation.” I have long been an admirer of the many great composers from the baroque, classical, and post-modern/impressionistic eras of music. “Creation” is my humble attempt to honor these great masters. Writing and recording this music was without a doubt the most personally fulfilling work that I have undertaken to date. While it is not remotely like anything I’ve done in the past, it is my hope that you will enjoy the listening experience and imagery of this music as much as I enjoyed making it.

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I thank you all for your faithful support over the years, and I encourage you to keep fighting the good fight of FAITH. Abundant blessings to you all.

James Vincent

SPACE TRAVELER,  A Musician's Odyssey, eBook Now Available!
James's autobiography is now available in electronic pdf format and can be purchased from this site. The pdf version of the book is only 890KB in size and will be emailed direct to you within 24 hours of purchasing. The total price of the eBook is only $6.00.

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"The Fossil Records" - more CD Releases!
"The Exceptions Collection", "Aorta and Aorta 2" and "Lovecraft - Valley of The Moon".
Details of each CD can be viewed in the Fossil Records section.

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James Vincent's Complete Autobiography is Now Available!
Titled, SPACE TRAVELER,  A Musician's Odyssey  "The time is ripe to tell my story.  Throughout life I have often found myself weighing the balance between the forces of good and evil.  This chronicle could be likened to a meditation on the duality of the human condition.  At the same time, it parallels involvement with some of the biggest names in the "Who's Who" of the music and entertainment industry."

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James Vincent plays Brian Moore Guitars.
I buy all my gear at West LA Music. Contact Derek Snyder at West LA Music for great deals and service. Tell him James Vincent sent you. (310) 477-1945
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