Waiting For The Rain

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1. What Does It Profit a Man?
2. Resistance
3. Etude#20/Daniel , Daniel
4. People Of The World
5. How Can I Thank You Enough
6. Soon Comes The Son
7. Waiting For The Rain
8. The Seventh Day
9. Babylon Is Fallen

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  James Vincent: Guitars, Synthesizers & Vocals
  Steve Evans: Bass
  Ron Stockert: Keyboards
  Tom Dondelinger: Trap,Hand Drums & Marimbas
  Pat Murphy: Congas & Percussion
  Carla Vincent: Congas & Percussion (Babylon Is Fallen)
Bg Vocals (People Of The World)
  Jerry Hey: Trumpet
  Larry Williams: Saxophone
  Kim Hutchcroft: Saxophone
  Bill Reichenbach: Trombone
  Vincent Dondelinger: Whistling (Waiting For The Rain)
  Seawind Horns: Horn Arrangements


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