Space Traveler

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1. The Garden/Mankind
2. Drifting Into Love
3. Alone/Space Traveler
4. Firefly
5. Song For Jamie
6. How I'm Gonna Miss You
7. Stepping Up/Walking On Higher Ground
8. Moonday
  James Vincent Guitars & Vocals
  Verdine White Bass
  Ron Stockert: Keyboards
  Drums Harvey Mason (The Garden,Firefly,How I'm Gonna Miss You, Stepping Up,Walking on Higher Ground,Moonday) Clyde Stubblefield (Mankind,Song For Jamie) Freddy White (Drifting Into Love,Space Traveler)
  Percussion: Patrick M Murphy, Leon "Ndugu" Chancler & Carla May (Mankind,Drifting Into Love)
  David "Hawk" Wolinksi: ARP2600:
  Soprano Sax: Jay Migliori (Moonday)
  Background Vocals: Shirley Mathews,Clydie King & Vinetta Fields(Drifting
Into Love,How I'm Gonna Miss You)
Pete Cetera & J.V (How I'm Gonna Miss You)
  String & Horn Arrangements: Jack Nitzsche, Ronald Stockert(Mankind)


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